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Located on the campus of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Surgeons’ Hall contains a range of venues divided into five distinct areas – Playfair Building, Quincentenary Conference Centre, King Khalid Building, Prince Philip Building and Ten Hill Place Hotel. The five areas are located in close proximity to each other. All our meeting rooms are fully accessible with a stair lift to the Playfair Main Hall, a lift to the entrance of the King Khalid Symposium Hall and lifts to all other areas.

Venue map Ten Hill Place King Khalid Building Playfair Building Prince Philip Building Museum Quincentenary Conference Centre Café 1505

Playfair Building

The Playfair Building consists of a magnificent Main Hall and eight very individual meeting rooms. This flagship building contains rooms of grandeur, tastefully and cleverly modified to incorporate up-to-date technology. From a video conference to a gala dinner, the building is suitable for a wide range of events.

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Prince Philip Building

A £1.5 million revamp of a former Edinburgh University language school building, we have transformed it into three floors of event space, for hosting everything from birthday parties and weddings to medical conferences.

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King Khalid Building

This is a wonderful converted church perfect for lectures, meetings or social events and contains a modern 158 seat auditorium with state-of-the-art AV equipment and an audience voting facility. The reception area provides an ideal area for exhibition stands and the serving of refreshments.

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Quincentenary Conference Centre

A beautiful modern building adjacent to the historic Playfair Building, the original stonework has been retained and blended with a modern design of granite and steel, creating a wonderful combination of old and new. Quincentenary Conference Centre includes a large main hall suitable for a multitude of purposes – conferences, lectures or exhibitions to name a few. The building also includes three large versatile meeting rooms, a spacious reception area, business centre and supporting facilities.

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Surgeons' Hall Museums is now open to the public, 7 days a week, 10am to 5pm.

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Café 1505

Café 1505 is owned by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and is the perfect place to visit after a tour of Surgeons’ Hall Museums.

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Ten Hill Place Hotel

Situated adjacent to Surgeons’ Hall, Ten Hill Place Hotel provides the perfect location for visitors to our venue.

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Venue capacities

Here is a list of recommended capacities to guide you on what location would be most suitable for your event.

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Room/Suite Name Boardroom Dinner Reception Theatre
Playfair Building
Playfair Hall 54 156 250 150
Reception Room 22 - 55 25
Fellows' Library 34 60 100 111
Logan Turner 16 - 25 -
Committee 20 - - 20
Conan Doyle 10 - - -
King Khalid Symposium Hall
Auditorium - - - 158
Reception Area 26 - - 70
Alastair Duff 18 - - 30
Wolfson Hall (whole) 80 230 350 300
Wolfson Hall A 50 144 200 170
Wolfson Hall B 40 72 150 100
G B Ong 38 - 90 76
Tausend 32 - 80 65
Wadsworth 28 - 60 45
Seminar Room 28 - - 45
Prince Philip
Deacon's Suite 40 150 100 200
Charter Suite 1, 2 & 3 22 36 100 60
Charter 1 10 - 15 10
Charter 2 12 - 20 10
Charter 3 12 - 20 10
Charter 1 & 2 16 - 35 25
Charter 2 & 3 16 - 35 25
Lower Ground 22 - 80 60
Festival Theatre
Auditorium 1000


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